Meditation retreat

  Meditation retreat

This years retreat will be held in The Netherlands 17-24 August.

Please see the document below for more information

7-day Chan (Zen) Retreat 2018

for beginners & seasoned practitioners

Have you ever thought about the true reality of life and universe ?

This 7-day Chan (Zen) Retreat is an inward investigative journey, a quest to know more about ourselves in order to discover our “true self” and manifest our inherent “wisdom of no-self and compassion of no-abiding.”  Within 7-day Retreat, you will train your mind with "pure awareness of genuine wisdom" in daily activities including walking, standing, sitting, reclining, etc.  Once you see into the self-nature, you are able to live a life of true peace, harmony, altruism and happiness.            

Beishi Guohan was born in 1951, and became Master Sheng Yen's disciple in 1994.  He received Master Sheng Yen's legitimate Dharma transmissions of Caodong, Linji, and Dharma Drum Lineages in 2006. From 2007, he began sharing the Chan Dharma in North America and Europe.

Then, he founded "Cosmos Chan (Zen) Community" for the purpose of popularizing Chan in the West.

Late Master Sheng Yen was born in 1930, and became a monk in 1943. He received both transmissions of Caodong and Linji Lineages.  In 1975, he began sharing the Chan Dharma in the U.S., and in 1989, founded the Dharma Drum Lineage of Chan Buddhism.



It will be a quiet retreat, which means that no one besides the teacher Beishi Guohan Tsao will talk during the seven days retreat.

Besides sitting meditation you will practice walking and working meditation.

The sitting meditation is no more than 40 minutes per session for beginners.

It is also possible to meditate on a chair if it feels difficult to spend long periods on the meditation pillow.


We do not have rooms yet, but here is a big meadow for both tents and caravans to bring.

We have no hot water showers but there is a beautiful lake nearby where you can wash yourself.


Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Everyone involved in making this retreat possible works non-profit.

In the future we would like the retreat to be donation-based, but as there is currently no budget available, there will be a fee for the food and other overheads.

The cost for the retreat is SEK 950, but you can also donate more if you want.

Final date to apply

Please submit your application before the 30th of June.


  If you want to take part in this year's 7-day meditation retreat,

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               We only have room for 25 participants

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