Wu ArtSpace is an interdisciplinary artistic platform that places greater emphasis on exploratory processes and not the product. It is in exploration that we see that art and the artist can really develop in their artistry and as a human being.

Wu means nothingness in Chinese and in Eastern philosophy it questions the categorization and the fixed now. Wu ArtSpace looks beyond categorization as everything is in constant change. The process is always present, whether it is in everyday life, in our bodies, in relation to oneself, ones surroundings or the larger organic system. In this way, art is also in  process of constant change.

By allowing change to be part of one's artistry and artistic processes, new opportunities can unfold as well as new ways of expression and communication. Consequently, art can be a tool for communicating across borders beyond ego, categorization and fixation, which today´s society seems highly attached to.

It is a place for local, national, international and intercultural exchanges as well as exchanges between different art forms. Our aim is to be able to host residencies for artists where they can find a quiet and inspiring time for research. We also find it important that the artists share their work with the village in different ways. Local artist are welcome to talk to us about various ways of collaborations.

We also want to arrange workshops, performances of various kinds, concerts, seminars /lectures and other artistic interventions.


Founders of Wu ArtSpace are Karolin Kent and Tor Palm who are currently practicing their art in the space. Karolin is an interdisciplinary

dance-, performance- and visual artist and Tor is a designer and artist who work with socially sustainable design through Glimpt in collaboration with Mattias Rask.

Together they carry experience in Dance, Performing art, Visual art, Design, Crafts, Sound , Pedagogy, Somatic movement practice, Movement Analysis and Meditation. They share the common interest of social questions and human rights as well as how art can be a tool in these matters. After working many years internationally they now want to establish their practices in Halland through developing the platform and deepen their artistic exploration.


Sjönevad is a small hamlet on the rural countryside of the Swedish west coast.

Where the forest meets the fields Wu art space is located just next to oak and pine forests and five min from a lake. Sjönevad is known for having ancient remains and has been a meeting point for hundreds of years. Wu ArtSpace is based on the farm where Sjönevadsfesten grew and became a freetown for thirteen years. Here people with different backgrounds meet to exchange creative practices, build installations, stages and create a contium where everyone participated on equal ground.



Wu ArtSpace Sjönevad stöttas av Region Halland och Falkenbergs kommun.