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Elisabeth Schilling

Choreographer Elisabeth Schilling spent time here during a residency, Juli 2017.  She presented her work SIXFOLD for an intimate local audience.

Elisabeth writes about her work in rural context:

"SIXFOLD is a performance work that unites visual arts and dance. It is my first choreographic production and started off in Seoul, where it was created. It then travelled from its place of première in Luxembourg on a European tour from the Shetland Islands to Cyprus. Throughout 2017, the piece will have been shown about 40 times in 9 countries.

Originally coming from a rural area in Germany, I used to have limited access to dance and contemporary art as a teenager. However, I have always had a huge hunger and curiosity for it. This observation inspired me to start a tour to remote places in Europe. It was my aim to bring this piece to areas and places which don’t have a regular access to dance and contemporary art. I wanted to bring it to people who might never have seen dance at all.

It was quite an ambitious idea and many people doubted about my vision. People thought that there wouldn’t be an audience for art in provincial areas or that they would not be open to contemporary performance. I didn’t think too much of those prejudices and just went and performed in all of those places. The piece was performed in all kind of different settings: from beaches, to rocks, hellipats, barns, galleries and theatres of course.

Having finished the tour now, I can say that it was one of the riches experiences I have made in my life. I experienced people from all countries and places to be very grateful, very open, honest, interested and curious about the work. Art doesn’t need to be understood with our brains, art just needs to be experienced and anyone can do so if they are open for it. Bringing SIXFOLD to rural areas was really inspiring, it was a huge gift to meet and talk to the audiences, their thoughts, ideas and associations of the work.  I am planning to build on that first tour of mine in the future.

Thank you to Tor and Karolin, for supporting this vision of mine, for believing in my work, for inviting me to Sjönevad and making performances in the south of Sweden possible for me! Thank you for your generous hospitality!"

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